What are the various tips that could help you while colouring your hair?

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Hair coloring is an excellent technique to transform your look, express your style, and create a more graceful appearance. Yet, maintaining your hair color can be challenging, especially when it comes to covering up gray roots. Luckily, root touch up sprays are an easy and effective method to keep your hair looking fresh and lively between salon appointments.

Maintaining your hair color can be a test. Especially if you have usual fast-growing hair or want to avoid regular trips to the salon. One of the most common encounters of hair maintenance is dealing with root regrowth. As your hair grows, the roots may begin to show, causing your color to look dull and uneven. If you are trying to preserve a specific hair color, regrowth can be annoying. There are several root touch up options available to help you keep your hair looking vibrant.

While root touch up products can be a lifesaver, using them is important in achieving a natural-looking finish. In this article, we will discover the top tips for root touch ups, including the best products and techniques to keep your hair looking its best.

Hair Color Trends in 2023

Hair coloring has been an essential piece of fashion for years. It provides a person with the ability to express themselves creatively and be noticeable in a crowd. It can make all the difference in how the color looks and how well it complements your skin tone. The newest hair coloring trends are an exciting combination of daring, bold, and subtle styles that are certain to gain attention. 

  • Rich Reds and Auburns

One of the latest hair coloring trends for 2023 is rich, high-spirited reds and auburn. This style has been earning popularity over the past few years, and it is not leaving anytime soon. These pigments work extremely well with pale skin tones, but they can also complement other skin tones. When shared with a darker base color, it produces a dramatic effect that is both flattering and eye-catching.

  • Soft Balayage

For those who choose a more natural-looking color, the soft balayage trend is the perfect option.This coloring procedure creates a delicate blend of colors that gives the hair a sun-kissed impression. It works best on those with longer hair, as the color slowly fades from the mid-lengths to the ends. This style is low-maintenance and ideal for those who want to test hair coloring without going too bold.

  • Classic Highlights

Classic highlights are making a comeback this year. The trend presents thin, natural-looking highlights that enhance the dimension of the hair. It’s perfect for those who want to add a bit of brightness to their hair without making a serious change. This vintage approach is timeless and fits well on all hair types and skin tones.

Guides When Using Root Touch up Products 

Root touch up products come in many forms, including creams, powders, and sprays. They work by briefly covering up regrowth or gray roots with a pigment that matches your hair color. Reliant on the product you choose, the coverage can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, and they can be applied again as desired.

Root Touch up Preparation

There are a few crucial steps you should take to guarantee that you get the best results before you start touching up your roots. Here are the tips you need to do:

  • Choose the right product

When it comes to root touch ups, you have many options. Products like root touch up spray, root cover spray, and spray-on root concealer can be considered. Each of these products has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is essential to select the one that works best for you.

  • Match your hair color

To get the most natural-looking outcome, it is essential to match the product to your hair color. Find products that come in many shades that fit your style.

  • Prepare your hair

It is essential to prepare your hair properly. Begin by washing and conditioning your hair as usual, then blow-dry it to make a smooth, even base. Avoid the use of any styling products or oils since they can affect the effectiveness of your root touch up product.

Root Touch up Application

After you have prepared your hair, it is time to start touching up your roots. Here’s how to do it:

  • Choose the right technique

The procedure you use to apply your root touch up product will depend on the type of product you are using. For hair root touch up powder or root concealer powder, use a small brush to put on the product to your hair roots. For spray-on root concealer, hold the product for about six inches away from your hair and spray a light mist over the roots. And for root cover spray, hold the can about four inches away from your hair and spray on your hair roots.

  • Apply the product evenly

Regardless of the method you use, it’s important to apply the product to avoid any uneven spots or patchy. Work in small portions. Start at the top of your head and transfer outward toward your temples and ears. Ensure to apply the product only to your hair roots and avoid any contact with your scalp.

  • Blend the product

Use a brush or your fingers to blend it into your hair. This will result in a seamless, natural-looking finish. Be moderate when blending, and take care not to bother the rest of your hair or produce any lines or clumps.

Root Touch up Maintenance

Once you’ve effectively touched up your roots, it’s vital to maintain your hair color to keep your hair looking new and glowing. These tips will help you maintain your root touch ups:

  • Choose the right products

To have your color look great, apply products designed specifically for colored hair. Common consumables such as shampoos and conditioners are color-safe and sulfate-free. Try not to use any styling products that contain harsh chemicals or alcohol since they can remove your hair from its color.

  • Protect your hair from damage

To keep your hair looking its best, it is a must to protect it from damage caused by UV rays, heat styling, and environmental pollutants.

  • Avoid over-washing your hair

Overwashing your hair can cause your color to fade more quickly. Try to limit your washes to two or three times per week. If you need to wash your hair more often, use a dry shampoo to refresh your roots without extracting the color.

  • Schedule regular touch-ups

To maintain your roots looking fresh and prevent any obvious regrowth, schedule regular touch-up appointments with your salon. Depending on your hair type and color, you will possibly need touch-ups every four to six weeks.

  • Consider root touch up treatments

If you don’t want to touch up your roots at home, you can consider receiving root touch up treatments from your preferred stylists. These treatments blend your roots seamlessly with the rest of your hair and can help cover up gray hairs. Be sure to discuss your choices with your stylist to have the right treatment for your hair type and color.


In conclusion, root touch ups are a simple and effective way to preserve your hair color. This keeps your roots looking fresh and vibrant. By selecting the right product, preparing your hair correctly, and following the right practices, you can attain a natural-looking finish that will last for weeks. And by following the tips for keeping your color, you can possess hair looking great and feel healthy.

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